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Robby’s Career Credits

Robby has the highest respect for the crews and talented men and women behind the camera on all these projects.

Apple puts I’m Not Dead… Yet! in their handpicked collection of multitouch books, and features the book in New in Non Fiction at iTunes iBookstore!

Apple handpicked Robby Benson’s multimedia cutting edge effort I’m Not Dead… Yet! for center stage on the “Made with iBooks Author” page where they state: “Made with iBooks Author, these books bring ideas and stories to life. Our handpicked collection features titles filled with 3D images, video, and interactive diagrams, galleries, maps, and more. To read Multi-Touch books, an iPad with the latest version of the free iBooks app is required.” Apple has also placed Benson’s book  I’m Not Dead… Yet! in their “new in non fiction” category this week!

This means many more people will find out the book exists when they open up their search in the iBookstore — and outreach to patients of all kinds and their loved ones is the reason Robby wrote the book.  I’m Not Dead… Yet!  was conceived by Robby with all the media included for the iPad and originally created in Apple’s Pages application. When Apple’s new iAuthor was released, he quickly shifted gears and produced I’m Not Dead… Yet! using iAuthor, one of the simplest and most beautiful ways to create what we at Valor Editions believe is the future of books.

Here’s the screenshot from the Made with iBooks Author page:



Here’s the screen shot from the front page of the iBookstore below:



Spotlight on Beauty & the Beast 3D: Robby Benson in Depth interview by Pat Cersaro for

Terrific interview of Robby from Broadway World by Pat Cersaro. Here’s an exerpt – click on Broadway World link read entire career spanning piece: “Today we are talking to a star of many notable films and television shows who initially surprised many viewers with his commanding presence as the voice of the Beast in Disney’s classic animated film BEAUTY & THE BEAST, now back in theaters for its twentieth anniversary (in 3D) – the one and only Robby Benson. In addition to telling us all about his impressions of and experiences working on BEAUTY & THE BEAST and what he thinks of the new 3D movie experience, he also shares his affection for co-stars Angela Lansbury and Paige O’Hara – both having been previous InDepth InterView participants, as well – and what the storied legacy of the film means to him. Also, Benson discusses his talented family, including his rock star wife, Karla DeVito, and their daughter, a star-on-the-rise in her own right, Lyric (her Benson-produced debut album, LYRIC’S LOVE LIGHT REVOLUTION, is available here) and details the many hats he wears as an actor, director, producer, author, singer and recording artist.”


Read more:

Robby’s daughter, Lyric Benson’s debut album LYRIC’S LOVE LIGHT REVOLUTION has arrived!

The musical collaboration of Lyric and Robby Benson, LYRIC’S LOVE LIGHT REVOLUTION brings the poetry of cosmic consciousness to Earth with the power of modern rock — flaming guitar, eco-psychedelic hip-pop, atmospheric electronica, and a fat bottom. Play it loud, bring your air guitar, and plan on singing along. Dance if you want to.


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Behind the scenes photos of NBC’s Brave New World pilot

Peter Tolan, Robby Benson, Leslie Tolan

Peter Tolan, Robby Benson, Leslie Tolan

IMDB trivia says: “Robby Benson has worked in television or on a movie every year of his life from 1971-2004.”  So when Robby says, “I have never had more fun working in front of or behind the camera than with Peter and Leslie Tolan” — that’s saying something!  Brave New World did not make it onto NBC’s fall 2011 schedule — but a great time was had by all! Read the rest of this entry »

Robby Benson in NBC’s ‘Brave New World’ pilot!

Robby Benson joins the cast of Peter Tolan’s new NBC comedy pilot ‘The New World.’

Executive producers Peter Tolan, Leslie Tolan, and Michael Wimer.  Sony Pictures TV

Bonnie Zane  Zane/Pillsbury Casting.

Directing – ABC

Complete Savages

  • Mel Gibson [exec. prod.]
  • Keith Carradine; cameo by Mel Gibson

8 Simple Rules For Dating My Daughter

  • Flody Suarez, Tracy Gamble [exec. prod.]
  • John Ritter’s last two completed episodes

I’m With Her

  • Marco Pennette, Chris Henchy [exec. prod.]


  • Touchstone
  • 25 episodes

Two Guys and a Girl

  • 20th Century Fox

Dharma & Greg

  • 20th Century Fox
  • Bill Prady [exec. prod.]

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

  • Viacom
  • Pilot

Baby Bob

  • Viacom
  • Michael Salzman [exec. prod.]

Bob Patterson

  • Jason Alexander [exec. prod.]

Brother’s Keeper

  • Universal Don Todd [exec. prod.]

Untitled Chris Elliot

  • Mark Lawrence [exec. prod.]
  • Pilot

Common Law

  • Witt-Thomas (Greg Giraldo)
  • Pilot

Game Night

  • Witt-Thomas (Terry Bradshaw)
  • Pilot

Thunder Alley

  • Wind Dancer (Ed Asner, Haley Joel Osment)
  • Matt Williams, David McFadzean, Carmen Finestra [exec. prod.]
  • 21 episodes

Bringing Up Jack

  • ABC Prods (ordered for 6 episodes)
  • Pilot

Directing – NBC


  • WB Bright Kauffman Crane
  • 6 episodes“The One With The Ultimate Fighting Champion” (Robin Williams & Billy Crystal)“The One With The Hypnosis Tape” (Giovanni Ribisi & Debra Jo Rupp)“The One With Phoebe’s Ex-Partner”“The One Where Monica and Richard are Friends” (Tom Selleck)“The One With All The Jealousy”

    “The One With The Ick Factor”


  • Bright Kauffman Crane (Christina Applegate)
  • 8 episodes


  • Brillstein Grey
  • Pilot

The Naked Truth

  • Brillstein Grey (Tea Leoni)
  • 12 episodes

Lee Evans Project

  • Warren Littlefield
  • Pilot

Directing – CBS

Local Zeroes (1)

  • Col/TriStar/CBSP (Chao/Todd/Benson)
  • Pilot/Creator/Prod

Local Zeroes (2)

  • Col/TriStar/CBSP (Chao/Todd/Benson)
  • Pilot/Creator/Prod

Style and Substance

  • Peter Tolin Touchstone (Kathleen Turner)
  • Pilot

Meant For Each Other

  • Disney
  • Rudnick/Benvenuti [exec. prod.](Jon Faverou)
  • Pilot

George Wendt Show

  • Disney/Touchstone (picked up 6 episodes)
  • Pilot


  • Witt-Thomas

Muddling Through

  • Columbia P (JenniferAniston)

Good Advice

  • (Shelly Long,Treat Williams,Teri Garr)

Family Album

  • Bright Kauffman Crane (Peter Scolari)

Evening Shade

  • Mozark/Burt Reynolds Prods.

Directing – HBO

Dream On

  • Bright Kauffman Crane (Brian Benben, Louise Fletcher)
  • 1 episode — “Try Not to Remember”


The Huntress

  • USA(Annette O’Toole)
  • Series Exec Producer

Haley Wagner, Star

  • Viacom
  • Pilot

Kevin’s Castle

  • Nelvana/Disney Channel
  • Pilot


  • UPN Castle Rock(Julie Haggerty, Cliff Bemis)
  • Pilot

Life With Roger

  • Pilot


  • FOX Touchstone(Henry Winkler, David Schwimmer)

Kids, Incorporated

  • Disney Channel(Jennifer Love Hewitt)

True Confessions

  • Landsburg Prod.(Adam Arkin; Frances Conroy)

Directing – FILM

Modern Love

  • Sony/SVS/Lyric Films
  • Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Composer (Robby Benson, Karla DeVito, Rue McClanahan, Louise Lasser, Cliff Bemis, Kay Ballard, introducing Lyric Benson, and Burt Reynolds as Colonel Parker)

White Hot

  • Academy Ent. (Danny Aiello, Robby Benson)
  • Directed first full-length feature shot on High Definition Video in North America


Open Heart

  • Theatrical Musical
  • Composer/Lyricist/Author

The Breakfast Club

  • A&M/Universal
  • John Hughes [w/d]
  • Soundtrack
  • Composer
  • “We Are Not Alone” performed by Karla DeVito

Swept Away – Diana Ross

  • RCA
    “Nobody Makes Me Crazy”
  • Composer

Walk Proud

  • Universal Pictures
  • Soundtrack
  • Composer

Modern Love

  • Sony/SVS
  • Soundtrack
  • Composer and Producer

Die Laughing

  • Orion
  • Soundtrack
  • Composer

Beauty and the Beast

  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Feature Soundtrack

Dirty Love

  • Theatrical Musical
  • Composer/Lyricist/Author

Robby Benson

  • CD Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

Wake ’em Up in Tokyo! – Karla DeVito

  • A&M
  • 6 tracks
  • Composer

Acting – Film

One on One

  • Warner Bros. (Annette O’Toole)
  • Also Writer

The Chosen

  • Contemporary Films (co-starring Rod Steiger)


  • 20th Century Fox (co-starring Jack Lemmon)

Ice Castles

  • Columbia
  • Donald Wrye [d] (Colleen Dewhurst, Tom Skerritt)

Ode to Billy Joe

  • Warner Bros. (Glynnis O’Connor)

Running Brave

  • ITC/Buena Vista/Filmtrust, Irminskin Band (Pat Hingle)


  • United Artists (co-starring Glynnis O’Connor)

Just a Dream

  • Showtime
  • Danny Glover [d] (Amy Madigan, Ally Sheedy)

Beauty and the Beast

  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Voice of BEAST

Modern Love

  • Sony/SVS Lyric Films
  • Also Writer, Producer, Composer

White Hot

  • Academy Ent.
  • Robby Benson [d] (Danny Aiello)

Rent a Cop

  • Kings Road/ITC (Burt Reynolds, Liza Minnelli)

Harry and Son

  • Orion
  • Paul Newman [d] (co-starring Paul Newman)

Die Laughing

  • Orion, Warner Bros. (with Charles Durning) — Also Writer, Producer, Composer

Walk Proud

  • Universal Pictures
  • Lawrence Turman
  • Also Music Co-composer

The End

  • United Artists, Larry Gordon (Burt Reynolds, Dom de Luise)

Lucky Lady

  • Stanley Donan [d]
  • (Burt Reynolds, Gene Hackman, Liza Minelli)

The Godfather Part II

  • Paramount
  • Francis Ford Coppola [d]


  • Avco-Embassy Pictures

Acting – Television

Death Be Not Proud

  • Hallmark Hall of Fame

Our Town

  • George Schaeffer [d] (co-starring Hal Holbrook)

Two of a Kind

  • CBS – G.E. Theatre (co-star George Burns)

The Death of Richie

(co-starring Ben Gazzara)

The Last of Mrs. Lincoln

(co-starring Julie Harris, role of Todd Lincoln)

California Girls

  • ABC Pictures – Movie of the Week

Ed Sullivan Show

(performing with the Broadway cast “The Rothschilds”)

American Dreams

  • NBC
  • Jonathan Prince/Dick Clark [p] (recurring)

The Huntress

  • USA
  • Robby Benson [p] [d] (Annette O’Toole, guest star cameo)


  • CBS
  • Brad Grey/Sylvester Stallone [p]
  • Pilot

Sabrina the Teenage Witch

  • ABC Viacom
  • Pilot [d] (guest star cameo)

Caroline in the City

  • NBC CBS Prods.

Family Album

  • CBS Lorimar; Bright/Kauffman/Crane Prods.
  • Benson [d] (cameo)

Precious Victims

  • CBS TV Movie (co-star Park Overall, Richard Thomas)

Road To Avonlea

  • CBC Disney Channel

Evening Shade

  • CBS
  • Mozark, Burt Reynolds Prods. (Burt Reynolds, Charles Durning)


  • HBO Lewis Chesler Prods. (shot in Paris)

Tough Cookies

  • CBS Witt-Thomas
  • Star

American Bandstand

  • Dick Clark Prod. (playing composition for film Walk Proud)

The Virginia Hill Story

(co-starring Dyan Cannon)

Remember When

(co-starring Jack Warden)

All the Kind Strangers

(co-starring John Savage)

Acting – Theater


Pirates of Penzance

  • Joseph Papp [p]
  • Dan Berlinghoff [c]
  • (Kevin Kline, Karla DeVito)

Open Hearts, the Musical

  • Book, music and lyrics by Robby Benson
  • Licensed and published by Samuel French, 2006


  • Rado and Ragni [w]

The Rothchilds

  • Hilly Elkins [p] (Hal Linden)


  • Delbert Mann [d] (Co-Starring Ed Begley, Sr.)



King Of Hearts

  • A. J. Antoon [d]
  • Steve Tesich [w]


  • Imperial Theatre, Japan

Love Letters

  • Ted Wyiant [d]
  • Canon Theatre, LA


Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?

  • John Kenley [p]

Acting – Voice

Beauty and the Beast

  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Beast

Dragonheart II

  • Universal
  • Raffaella DeLaurentis [p]
  • Draco

David and Goliath

  • Family Channel
  • David

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

  • Disney
  • Santa Claus

Prince Valiant

  • Family Channel/Hearst
  • 65+ episodes
  • Prince Valiant


  • Universal Cartoon Studios
  • 52 episodes
  • J.T. Marsh

P.T. Barnum

  • Discovery Channel
  • Ken Burns [p]


  • ABC
  • Ken Burns [p]

Conduct Unbecoming

  • Publishing Mills (Audio Book)

Tom Sawyer

  • Dove Audio (Audio Book)

Red Badge of Courage

  • Random House (Audio Book)

The Lost Boys

  • Simon & Schuster (Audio Book)

Big Book on the Planet

  • Publishing Mills (Audio Book)

If You Give a Moose a Muffin

  • Harper Collins (Audio Book)

Puss N’ Boots

  • Dove Audio (Audio Book)

The Little Match Girl

  • Dove Audio (Audio Book)

Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas

  • Disney

Beauty and the Beast: Magical Moments

  • Disney

Beauty and the Beast – World on Ice

  • Disney (Live Version)


  • FOX Warner Bros. (Animated Series)

Mickey’s House of Mouse

  • Disney (Animated Series)

Magic Schoolbus: Seeds

  • PBS Scholastic Prods. (Lily Tomlin)

Snowed in at the House of Mouse

  • Disney (Video)

Crippled Lamb

  • TLC Productions

King’s Quest 6

  • Sierra On-Line (CD-ROM Interactive)

Meant for Each Other

  • Birthing Tape Announcer
  • Pilot [d]

Game Night

  • “Lemon Blast” Commercial
  • Pilot [d]

Thunder Alley

  • ABC TV
  • Track Announcer
  • Episode [d]

Special Programs & Commercials

A&E Biography: Robby Benson

  • A&E Channel

Snow White DVD

  • Disney/Timeline (Host)

Walt Disney World® Millenium Celebration

  • Epcot (Narrator)

Walt Disney World® Candlelight Processional

  • Epcot (Narrator)

Nintendo “Beauty and the Beast” Gameboy

  • National Commercial
  • Beast

Disney Channel Fall Previews

  • Disney Channel (Co-Host with Lyric Benson)

Disney Channel Backstage Pass Special

  • Disney Channel (Host)

E! Animation Special

  • E! Channel (Host)

American Express’ Backstage Pass

  • Disney Channel (Host) — “Beauty and the Beast Goes To Broadway”

Disney Channel Spring Previews

  • Disney Channel (Host)

Pinocchio: The Making of a Masterpiece

  • Disney/Buena Vista (Host)

Disney’s Very Merry Christmas Parade

  • ABC (Host)

Walt Disney World® Easter Parade

  • ABC (Host)

Walt Disney World® Easter Parade

  • CBS (Host)

Academy Awards®

  • 1982 and 1991 (Presenter)


Robby Benson is currently teaching at NYU as he was offered and accepted an appointment by Dean Mary Schmidt Campbell, Tisch School of the Arts, as a Visiting Associate Arts Professor full-time faculty for the 2006-2007 academic year. He began his teaching career at the University of South Carolina as visiting professor for the 1988-89 and 1989-90 school years, relocating from Los Angeles to Columbia, SC. He taught MFA students in Theatre, Screenwriting and Filmmaking. He shot his film MODERN LOVE (Sony/SVS 1990) in Columbia, during the school year and twelve of his students were cast and given the opportunity to join the Screen Actors Guild and one student received an apprenticeship in the Directors Guild of America. All of his students apprenticed professionals in every department. Upon returning to LA, George Schaeffer, the head of UCLA’s Film and Theatre Department, called upon Robby to teach in the graduate studies program in 1991. In 1993 President Art Smith offered Robby a full professorship at the University of Utah, and Robby was affiliated with the U of U for 9 years. He has given seminars at the University of Nebraska, and at the request of Chancellor Frank Borkowski, Robby visited Appalachian State University in the fall of 2002, teaching workshops and giving lectures. Robby was called upon by Fran Bennett to teach several MFA courses at Cal Arts beginning in January of 2003. He taught at Appalachian State University in the fall of 2003, prior to leaving to star in his musical Open Heart, which had it’s world premiere at The Cherry Lane Theatre in March of 2004.


Robby Benson is the recipient of the premiere Heart of a Child Award for the 21st century, along with famed UCLA Heart Surgeon, Hillel Lax. The Heart of a Child Foundation is dedicated to furthering research and treatment for congenital heart defects. Robby has spoken on behalf of the National Institute of Health before the Senate Appropriations Committee in Washington, D.C. for heart research funding. Representing the American Heart Association, he has spoken on behalf of the successful bill to ban the promotion of cigarettes to minors (Ted Kennedy/Orrin Hatch) along with with Surgeon General C. Everett Koop. In Columbia, South Carolina, Robby supported The Richland Memorial Children’s Hospital and the U.S.C. Department of Pediatrics where he established the benefit Robby Benson’s Hoops For Hope. He is the national spokesperson for the Batten Disease Support and Research Association, raising awareness of the rare fatal genetic neurological disorder in children. He has served as board chairman of the internationally known charity for mentally challenged performers, The Famous People Players (Toronto). Robby has been nominated to the board of the Actors’ Fund of America in Los Angeles, and he has worked with the Los Angeles Blind Children’s Center and numerous other community projects in Southern California.