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Robby’s Music

New Music:

I'm Not Dead... Yet! CD

I’m Not Dead… Yet!

A 20 song ‘soundtrack’ created by Robby Benson for his new medical memoir I’m Not Dead… Yet! as envisioned by the author for the iPad multimedia multi-touch experience

The album contains a cross section of Benson’s compositions:
‘I Believe in Fate’ and ‘Mr. Weinstein’s Barbershop’ (live versions from The Troubadour in LA and Reno Sweeney’s in NYC in 1980)
‘Nobody Makes Me Crazy’ demo sung by Karla (1983); ‘Falling’ demo duet with Karla and Stan Brown (1989);
‘If I Had the Wings’ and ‘Let Me In’ from his musical Open Heart (2004)
Robby’s most recent work producing, engineering, and co-writing Lyric Benson’s ‘My Heart is the Sun’ from her Lyric’s Love Light Revolution (2012). Benson’s zany alter ego voicing ‘Let’s Get A Colonoscopy!’ (Hey, we did say I’m Not Dead… Yet! is a medical memoir!!!)
Karla DeVito singing their ‘Open Your Heart’ from the upcoming album: KARLA 58.
And Karla’s favorite new vocal by Robby — ‘Good Guys Win’.

If you own an iPad and download his book I’m Not Dead… Yet! from the iBookstore on iTunes you get all his music for free — because an iPad plays music and video embedded within a book. We wanted the songs to come with the book, but since all reading tablets are not created equal and do not allow embedded music in books, we wanted to make these songs available to all electronic and print readers who want them. Enjoy!

Lyric Benson - Lyric’s Love Light Revolution

Lyric’s Love Light Revolution

Produced by Robby Benson

This is our daughter Lyric Benson’s new album. We are so proud of her!

Please check her out at the Lyric’s Love Light Revolution page on Face Book, listen at iTunes or do it all by visiting her official website at:

Scroll below to hear Robby’s beautiful singer-songwriter versions from Open Heart.



Open Heart The Musical

Music from Open Heart: