In his studio working on the score for Zephyr Benson's Straight Outta Tompkins

The past year and a half has been a wild ride for Robby Benson - executive producing his 21 year old son Zephyr Benson's writing, starring, and directing debut in STRAIGHT OUTTA TOMPKINS (full length feature; summer 2014 release), guest starring as former rock star on ABC's new Christian Slater and Steve Zahn series MIND GAMES, bringing Oprah Winfrey's WHERE ARE THEY NOW? to Bloomington, Indiana, following him as a Professor of Practice with his terrific students in IU's Telecommunications Department. Robby is helping IU with their innovative New Media School in the fall of 2014.  An advocate for people with congenital heart defects and mentor to thousands of patients in need of open heart surgery over the past 20 years, Benson discusses his recent medical memoir I'm Not Dead… Yet! Here's a quick look at Oprah's Where Are They Now featuring Robby. Watch it on the OWN Friday February 21st at 9PM eastern:

Writer Michael Ordona's terrific piece on Robby and his new multimedia medical memoir I'm Not Dead... Yet!  in the Calendar Book section of the LA Times -- click link below to read entire article:    

A window into Robby's voice for the book. (This video is included in the book but plays on the iPad  only -- we wanted to share it with you here!!!!) Watch here and let us know what you think! (or click here to watch on Robby's new you tube channel)

In case you missed the fun you can click here and see a clip: Watch Robby Benson on The View June 29, 2012 !  

Robby Benson Profile on Sweetnotes

Musician, songwriter, arranger, sound engineer, voice over artist, music producer, Robby Benson has had a recording studio in his home since the '70's -- the equipment has changed radically since then, but the purpose is the same: Music!!! (and recording his own voice overs via ISDN lines for clients like GE, etc.) After finishing 8 months work on his Creation Station for Lyric's Love Light Revolution with his daughter Lyric Benson, Mitch Gallagher interviewed Robby for Sweetnotes, a publication of 2012 Sweetnotes by Mitch Gallagher and Mark Hutchins


Terrific interview of Robby from Broadway World by Pat Cersaro. Here's an exerpt - click on Broadway World link read entire career spanning piece: "Today we are talking to a star of many notable films and television shows who initially surprised many viewers with his commanding presence as the voice of the Beast in Disney’s classic animated film BEAUTY & THE BEAST, now back in theaters for its twentieth anniversary (in 3D) - the one and only Robby Benson. In addition to telling us all about his impressions of and experiences working on BEAUTY & THE BEAST and what he thinks of the new 3D movie experience, he also shares his affection for co-stars Angela Lansbury and Paige O’Hara - both having been previous InDepth InterView participants, as well - and what the storied legacy of the film means to him. Also, Benson discusses his talented family, including his rock star wife, Karla DeVito, and their daughter, a star-on-the-rise in her own right, Lyric (her Benson-produced debut album, LYRIC’S LOVE LIGHT REVOLUTION, is available here) and details the many hats he wears as an actor, director, producer, author, singer and recording artist."   Read more:


Check out Robby's entire interview at -- from Ice Castles to Beauty and the Beast 3D and the genius of the Alan Menken, Howard Ashman, and the brilliant animators; Robby's love of music and the love of his life, Karla DeVito, and the new project of which he's most proud, producing  Lyric Benson's debut album LYRIC'S LOVE LIGHT REVOLUTION! Now Available on iTunes.


Robby discusses all things BEAST 3D and his absolutely fave project: LYRIC'S LOVE LIGHT REVOLUTION the debut album by Lyric Benson!!! Click here:  Hear Robby's Light Rock 105 with Heather in Hollywood interview now! Robby found out Heather's dad is Jeff Ringler. Jeff was the head of SVS the precursor to SONY Pictures, and he was responsible for green-lighting MODERN LOVE (SVS/Sony 1990) written, produced and directed by Robby and starring Benson, Karla DeVito, Burt Reynolds, Rue McClanahan, Louise Lasser, Frankie Valli, Cliff Bemis, and introducing LYRIC BENSON! This was taken by Karla while Lyric was recording her album on Cape Cod. Check out Lyric's website for the latest!    

Love Light Revolution Artwork

The musical collaboration of Lyric and Robby Benson, LYRIC’S LOVE LIGHT REVOLUTION brings the poetry of cosmic consciousness to Earth with the power of modern rock — flaming guitar, eco-psychedelic hip-pop, atmospheric electronica, and a fat bottom. Play it loud, bring your air guitar, and plan on singing along. Dance if you want to.  


Robby is interviewed by Michael Ordona in the San Francisco Chronicle Friday, October 15th, 2010. Funny and revealing. On Beast:  "I've never been so perfectly typecast." On love:  "I do completely believe in love...I'm a complete romantic." Also discusses his upcoming book I'M NOT DEAD... YET!