Ann Benson stars in cast of NBC’s Betty White’s Off Their Rockers! Debuts Monday Jan. 16th after Betty White’s 90th Birthday Party!!

Robby Benson’s mom the beautiful and funny Ann Benson is a series regular in the new comedy show for NBC!

Click below to see the preview:

Betty White’s Off Their Rockers

The show debuts on NBC January 16th after Betty White’s 90th Birthday: A Tribute to America’s Golden Girl.

Ann (with members of the cast photographed here) has shot segments all across America, searching for the perfect younger people to prank!

Ann Benson recently appeared in the much talked about Chevrolet 2011 Mofilm Tribeca commercial winner:

The Pick Up.


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10 Responses to “Ann Benson stars in cast of NBC’s Betty White’s Off Their Rockers! Debuts Monday Jan. 16th after Betty White’s 90th Birthday Party!!”

  1. Kat pondillo Says:

    I just. saw the preview of, Off Their Rockers….So funny, I can not wait to see it…

  2. Karla DeVito Says:

    Ann loves Betty White!!!! She has had an incredible time working with Betty and the entire cast!

  3. cathy whipple Says:

    I heard about the show this morning on my way to work. Now I saw the preview of Off Their Rockers and I must say it was great. what a great cast.

  4. Kathryn Childers Says:

    I was delighted to see my friend Ann Bensen on Off Their Rockers. We have lost touch after
    great times in Los Angeles interviewing ABC stars at the Century Plaza. She looks fabulous!!
    I know she and the cast will make those of us who don’t consider “rocking” a dirty word laugh out loud. Congrats Ann! Hope we can touch base.

  5. Cape Playhouse Says:

    Saw it. It was very funny. We kept saying, “Oh, that’s wrong!” and then giggling madly!

  6. Kathy Hetrick Says:

    I can’t believe Betty White is 90.!! Very funny show, they are a little..Off Their Rockers..haha , and a little naughty. Great job Ann Benson.

  7. Brenda Says:

    I know..Im posting on a different section.
    I was just thinking about your Mom&wondering how she was doing. .and so I Google her and there she is..just as beautiful as ever…I no idea that was your Mom on Betty White’s,”off of their rockers”!! Now I know where you get your comedic timing from.
    As I’m writing this, “Ice Castles”, is on the Hallmark channel.
    Thanks, for all of those amazing memories of growing up. They say you can never go home..but I beg to differ..watching your movies, listening to your music&reading your books are home!!
    I will definitely be taking your cd with me to the hospital on 1/23..
    Huge Thanks&Much Gratitude! !
    Your Friend! !

  8. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thanks foryour kind words and yes, my mom is amazing — she is a wonderful actor and has remarkable comic timing!!

  9. Tresea Slone & Giovanni Amadeus Says:

    She is so truly a beautiful , talented and funny lady! …We do not miss a second…we even have them for play back on the DVR ….so we can watch them again and again…it is a show and a bonding time my 12 year old Grandson and I …and I thank her so much for bringing us even closer, with the laughs. My Grandson and I have voted for her on the reality show!…and we know she is a WINNER!…Thanks Robby for sharing your Mom with us…I grew up a fan and my Grandson loved you in One On One …he thinks it is the best!…and for My Birthday the 28th…on the 29th, I will be seeing …Broadway revival Cabaret
    With Lyric Benson and Jonathon Christopher…I know it will a priceless!…It will be our second show together…and thanks for your books and CD’s from both you and Lyric…I have them all…and just started your new book…Thanks for your family who helps bring my Grandson closer…thanks to your Mom and Your whole family….best wishes and God Bless….Tresea

  10. RobbyBenson Says:

    Dear Tresea, thank you for your kind and beautiful words. And my mom is great! I hope you enjoy Cabaret!!
    Happy Birthday!
    Sincerely, robby

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