New Link to Robby Benson on ABC’s The View June 29, 2012

In case you missed the fun you can click here and see a clip: Watch Robby Benson on The View June 29, 2012 !


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70 Responses to “New Link to Robby Benson on ABC’s The View June 29, 2012”

  1. Janet Haggard Says:

    I have an elderly friend…and many other friends…who do not have ebooks. Will this book ever be published in paperback or hardback?

  2. RobbyBenson Says:

    That is a great question. I conceived this to be read on the iPad because of the media, my photos, songs, video clips, etc. which in retrospect was artistically a passionate choice but it was foolish and ignorant of me because I wrote the book to reach everyone who could benefit from it and experience something extraordinary in the hospital (let’s say) or just want to read the book, but absolutely left out people who couldn’t get their hands on an iPad from family, a friend, neighbor, etc.
    So we are working feverishly to get it out as a “print on demand book” and it will be available in August to everyone no matter how they read the book. We’re trying to have links to all versions so that the media (songs, slideshows, etc.,which to me is so important in the book) will also be available. A long but honest answer to your question but soon it will be on all platforms.
    Thank you. Sincerely, Robby Benson

  3. Jeanette Lewis Says:

    Hi Robby
    I just watched Ode to Billy Joe and seeing it again reminded me of how much I enjoyed your movies. I have to admit that I did have a huge crush on you when I was a teenager (I am 4 years younger than you).

    There is one movie that you acted in that is often not mentioned in your biographies – Lucky Lady. I thought you were terrific in that as well, although were tragically shot in the movie.

    Anyway, just letting you know that you have fans everywhere, including “down under” in Australia. All the best and stay well.
    Queensland, Australia

  4. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thank you. My new book is available ‘down under’ and I think you’d enjoy it. But, just want to say “Thank you” and I was in Australia in the 70′s and it made me have a life long dream to visit again… hopefully, someday soon.
    Sincerely, robby

  5. Jeanette Lewis Says:

    Thanks Robby
    I purchased your book via iTunes and have loved reading about your journey (and of course, Lucky Lady was in there). You have a wonderful family, life, career and I hope there are decades more ahead for you. If and your family ever do return to the great southern land, be sure to visit Queensland!

    …and thank you for replying to my email. I am very touched and impressed. I knew you were a wonderful person all those years ago.

    Kind regards

  6. RobbyBenson Says:

    Dear Jeannette,
    Thank you so much for your kind words. I actually do hope we make it “down” your way – what a great place to live!
    Your friend, robby

  7. Judy Leatherwood Says:

    Robby, I wrote you a letter years ago when you first started out and made the movie Jory.
    You sent me an autographed picture and I have treasured it all these years. Love all of your movies. I think that you are a special person. Who can I write to inquire about getting an up to date picture of you? You are so admired. Judy Leatherwood

  8. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thank you so much. You can get updated pictures at the web site
    I’ve tried to stay away from being in front of the camera… I guess because I grew up in front of it… But I am so grateful for your kind words. If you want new photos, you could also get them in the book “I’m Not Dead…Yet!” – sorry for the shameless plug, but I’m really proud of the book… thank you. r

  9. Linnie Says:

    Does it ever annoy you when people say “You’re still cute”? I don’t know why, but I find it condescending – and sort of dismissive of all that you have done beyond the teen idol thing. I guess they were trying to be nice.

    That being said, I got a copy of your book for my neighbor Bob, who had valve replacement four years ago and still shows all the signs of cardiac depression. Just Saturday he told me that he thinks his valve may be leaking, but he’s not going to the doctor … I wanted him to read your book because I thought it might be helpful to get him back to the doctor (He’s a young man of 61 who thinks he’s “lived his life” – and so he’s being stubborn). Any advice on how I can get this guy to do what he needs to do so that he can see his daughter get married and possibly one day make him a grandpa?

  10. RobbyBenson Says:

    Dear Linnie,
    (Per your question:) I’m happy if they just call me…
    Your neighbor Bob sounds like a classic case of something I went through… it’s tough, especially if he is stubborn. The reason I wrote my book is because I wanted people to know they are not alone when they feel this way. I don’t know what it is with open-heart surgery and being in your 50′s and 60′s but you get this feeling that you are more of a machine than human and you are ‘working’ but have no more value to anyone because you just “aren’t the same”.
    I literally get my butt in gear and exercise with the first signs of this – then I try and “get out of myself” and see that we are actually so fortunate to have been fixed and can still enjoy a full life — maybe a ‘different’ life but still a full life.
    Remember, I’m not a doctor, just a survivor of 4 open heart surgeries, but I’d say, try your best to get him out of the house. Go for walks. Get him to go to his docs and get an echo asap and see if in fact he knows his body (which he probably does), and find something(s) that give him hope. Joy. Love.
    Please let me know how he does. I think if he reads my book, it’ll give him a few good laughs… Funny is always good medicine. r

  11. Linnie Says:

    Wow! Thanks for the advice! His life partner and I are trying to get him to go for walks and maybe even into a kayak (although if his valve is torn – not a good idea I guess). My 8 year old (who doesn’t having a living grandpa) thinks of him like a grandpa – she’s the one who got him to quit smoking. I may just sic her on him! My Lilah’s sense of humor is always the best medicine for anyone who is down … I just hope she can pull Bob out of his funk.

    I know he’s been reading the book, because he’s talking about it on Facebook. Hopefully, between your funny book and Lilah’s funny, adorable way of everything, we can get him to a doctor. :-)

    Thank you again! And who knows, maybe you can make a movie about a guy who went through multiple open heart surgeries and that will reach even more people. Maybe it would be a Fight Club-esque romp where everyone is showing off their open heart surgery scars (what’s the first rule about open heart club?… sorry, I digress).

    Best of luck to you and your family, and let us know when Ms. DeVito’s album is done. I bought her first and second while still in high school and college. I’ve been anxiously awaiting this one for decades! BTW, Paint a Picture is one of the most beautiful songs I think I have ever heard! Thanks for sharing it – and again, thanks for responding. (and now I will stop babbling nervously).

  12. RobbyBenson Says:

    Wonderful news.
    Please, if he feels comfortable, please have him email me. Sometimes, it’s good to just blow of some steam – at least it’s still that way with me. The surgeries are brutal yet such a gift… this is a hard time, I really, really “get it”… so if he feels comfortable, see if he’ll email me and maybe I can say or do something to make him feel better.
    your friend, robby

  13. Linnie Says:

    Will do! Also, he said he’s been reading that they now have a way to go in through the back instead of cracking your chest open. I’m going to research that for him.

    I will tell him to shoot you an email. Hopefully he won’t be too shy about doing it.

  14. RobbyBenson Says:

    Yes – research… Do it at The Cleveland Clinic Web Site, too!!

  15. Linnie Says:

    Thank you for responding so much. It means the world. Can you tell I’m worried – he’s more than just a neighbor – more like a dad, and I guess I’m just scared. I’ll check out the Cleveland Clinic site and give him what I find.

    So cool of you to be so open and helpful. I guess that nice guy image of yours isn’t just a facade. Thanks!

  16. RobbyBenson Says:

    I’m so thankful for the love I have… and I want to be of help to others…. I understand the worry. (Sometimes, like I wrote in the book, the struggle can be just as difficult for loved ones, family, friends, advocates. You see, we, the patient, know much more than family and friends. But the imagination of caring and loving people can be much worse than the reality the patient faces… so… it’s difficult for you and people who love him.)
    It would be great to help him if I can. See if he isn’t offended or put off by asking him to write me…
    your friend, robby

  17. Janet Hockey Says:

    Hi Robby! I just saw your movie Jeremy on Youtube. It makes me think of how much I enjoyed your movies when I was growing up and still do. You really covered alot of common topics that goes on in this world. I also remember your advice column in Tiger Beat and I thank you for that. You really make good sense in all you do. I am sorry that you had heart problems but God had taken care of you. I also had problems not with my heart but I had epleptic seizures as a teen ager in which I am on meds for that and doing well. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in which I had to have surgery and my husband is a survivor of a brain tumor for 5 1/2 years. It was alot for us but God sure is good. We have two teenage daughters and my youngest is interested in acting and music. I read part of your book in which you talked about your memories in making Jeremy and the director you had. It makes me concerned about anybody taking advantage of my child. Anyway, I am long winded so I better cut this off. You still look great and your family is beautiful. Thanks again for your story.

  18. Linnie Says:

    I thought I would update you after you so kindly offered to talk to my neighbor. I imagine it wasn’t very fair of us, but I spoke with his daughter and his partner, and the three of us sort of ganged up on him (my 8 year old helped). We found out that he hasn’t seen his cardiologist in a couple of years (how do you put it? Man Is Stupid). He’s going on Thursday (between his daughter getting married in September and my daughter adoring him – we were able to pile enough guilt on the poor man to make my Jewish Mother-in-Law proud).

    I told him that he should write you, that you understand this stuff better than the rest of us. He was like, “I’m not writing some famous guy.” But, I am intrigued by the Cleveland Clinic’s work, and his partner is going to talk about this place when they see his cardiologist.

    Thank you so much! I pray that old pig valve they gave him is holding up and that he will be okay.

  19. RobbyBenson Says:

    I think you did a “good thing”! He is going to his cardiologist and hopefully, they’ll give him an echo and see how his valve is functioning. Well done!! By all of you!
    “Please tell him, I’m not some famous guy.” I am exactly like him – I have a scar down my chest and am trying to live the fullest life possible — and I get frustrated with Dr.s appointments and always wondering what is going on inside my chest — but by seeing his doctor, and getting realiable medical information, he can make better decisions about his every day life. We’re all living on “borrowed time”. Every tragedy tells us this – every time we watch the news and the most inconceivable thing takes place that ends someone’s life, we realize, we’re all in the same boat, so with a heart patient who thinks his/her valve might be leaking, why not better your odds a bit by checking it out?
    And please, tell him he can write me anytime he feels worried or bothered by anything!
    your friend, robby

  20. Linnie Says:

    You’re preaching to the choir on how life is short and unpredictable. I learned that lesson last year when my little one developed rheumatic fever (luckily, only a heart murmur resulted from that – but now she has to take penicillin twice a day for the rest of her life so her heart will not be further damaged). This worked to our advantage with Bob, though, because of course we did the whole, “what kind of example are you setting for Lilah.” thing. Worked like a charm.

    I don’t know if I will ever convince Bob that you are not “some famous guy” because, well, you know, you both are about 4 years apart in age, and you were in movies with some of his heroes (Paul Newman and Burt Reynolds, in particular – just a good thing you were never in a movie with Brando that I know of). But I will tell him you said that.

    Thank you again! I don’t know if I would have been such an accomplished noodge if I hadn’t read your book. I hope tons of people are buying it and reading it! Thanks!

  21. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thank you…………r

  22. Linnie Says:

    Hey – final update and I won’t bug you again. :-) Thought you’d be interested to know. The problem wasn’t Bob’s valve (thank G-d!). He has been diagnosed with COPD, and that was adversely affecting his overall health – including his ability to breath – of course. I know very little about COPD – but they are treating him for it medically. Unfortunately, Bob’s open heart surgery forced him into an early retirement (he was a carpenter), and he has no health insurance (National Health Care – who needs it! (sarcasm)) So, that was why it took a lot of effort for us to get him to the doctor, but now he is being treated for the COPD and there has been marked improvement in the short time since he started the medication. Thank you again. It was nice to have someone to talk to about this who understood. You’re a good guy – which is good, because Good Guys Win – right? :-) Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Thanks again.

  23. RobbyBenson Says:

    I’m so happy it is something that can be treated and he can get immediate relief.
    Please send him all my best……. r

  24. Brenda Says:

    Hi Robby..amazing at how some one you have never met can stil change your life in so many ways. I was just talking to my husband of 28 yrs.about you& Karla. And how I surrvived my teen years because of you. I was the lonely kid who was chubby, wore glasses and had auburn red hair. So I did my first book repory on your movie “Death Be Not Proud”,&”The Death of Ritchie”, and when I first attended a school that had just gone co-ed..I watched “One On One”, so I learned how to play basketball. And when you were on the Johnny Carson show doing sit you were up to a thousand, I did those and lost weight. I also got into acting.and loved it. But then I met my first & last boyfriend and husband and my dream.of being an actor, writter ended…but now with my kids 22&27…its time to write….
    I also spent the best times of my life with my dad(who past away in 1991)sitting in the movie theater watching every movie you were in. He knew of my crush for you. But how could not know when your pics were on my walls& I played the tapes that I made of you singing on The Mike Douglas Show. Too bad we did not have the technology that we have now.
    And now you are still apart of my life as my daughter who has a partner who is 30, but at young age haf heart valve surgery..but she is letting keep her from living a life she should…I have Lupus& have had 6 major back surgeries,1 failed 3 level spinal fusion& 3 neck fusions, and so I live with 24/7 pain. And I’m 48. So reading about your life continues to inspire me…
    I apologize for the very long message.but how do you, “Thank Some one, who has been a positive influence on your life in only a short letter??
    So Now I’m going to be buying 2 of your books. 1for me! & the other for my daughter’s girlfriend. I think if she reads about how you have gone through so much..and you still live life to the fullest, it will help her and the anxiety she has…So “Thank You”! And I am soooo happy that you are still here…and yes…you still have the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen….and I do hope to see more of you…infront of the camera…but just keep sharing your life as you have far many fans then you realize, and we love you& support you!! Love to your beautiful wife…who yes…I was jealous of I wanted to marry you!! Lol! But we all did I have a great husband..again…Love, Joy, happieness&good health….and many many Thanks!!
    Forever a devoted fan…and friend in spirit!!

  25. RobbyBenson Says:

    Dear Brenda,
    this is probably the most meaningful email I have ever received. Knowing that the book and the events I’ve been through in my life can help others to live their lives to the fullest is the only thing I ever wanted to accomplish — with my life and with my book.
    You are actually an inspiration to me now.
    We must keep each other in our thoughts and everytime things get tough, fight on knowing that the effort will not only help us, but others.
    All my love to you and your family,
    your friend and fan, robby

  26. Brenda Says:

    WOW!! I can not fully express what your words mean to me..and they come at the perfect time. As it is one of those bad times when the pain is so bad you question why me?
    But because of your book which I did get on my kindle, I am using the laughter that got you through. I laughed when you talked about looking up at the ceiling and wondering how many people before you counted the imprints and picturing faces and I can remember doing the same thing..and every time they put you under you wonder if your going to wake up or be able to walk..or hoping the doctor who is going to operate on you had enough sleep, had not taken any medications or drank or is having a bad day…yes, I did not have my heart operated on…so I can’t imagine knowing that my heart is really in some one elses hands…but you can rest assure your heart and beautiful soul has touched so many lives..
    As patients of chronic illnesses, we do share a common bond. We are all looking for the right health care and doctors and support systems. So your book has helped far more then you know.

    And on one of my worst pain nights, which if you can imagine having every bone& muscle& joint hurt …thats what I’m feeling..and guess what I’m watching?? “One On One”, (note to self: need to get this on dvd) because it is such a wonderful movie..and my fav.line is at the end when you “Up yours with a red hot poker, because I can play anywhere I want”(close to what you said) and I went back to re-read your book. And to check out to see how things are going with you. I looked at your photos, they are beautiful.I too take my camera every where..infact Im always getting teased for always taking pics.of everything. But yours are so relaxing…and I bet Karla was so happy to see the one with the heart in the snow w/ her name…thats love!!
    I purchased your daughter’s album..this should be prescribed by help pain it is truly amazing…her sound is unlike anything I’ve ever heard..I saw the video and how she was able to sit there in NY and be so focused…plus the beach.scene(my fav)..that is the part I think about….you,Karla& Lyric should be so very proud because it is truly a work of art. I placed her cd on my facebook page..and when I go to my doc. Thursday, I am telling them about her music because this is perfect for meditating to…so you are also helping pain patients through Lyric’s music.
    And then to to read this response from you was wonderful! You actually have me speechless….and that never happens…lol! Because I wrote to you many years ago and recieved post cards put from your managment promoting “One On One”&”Tribute”, I still have them…I thought they were a dream come true as all I ever wanted was your autograph and to let you know how happy you have made me through your movies, music,writtings, and how you continued to affect my so many wonderful to know that you actually read my email, which came from my heart….is the best medicine!
    And on this night, when the pain is at its worst and I wonder how I can keeping going…I will remember your wonderful& inspirational message to me…and I will say a prayer for you, your family, for mine& myself…and I will remind myself how wonderful it is “To Not Be Dead Yet”!! So Thank You so much! As you helped me to get past this self pitty…and that is a hard thing to do to!!
    So maybe I should I pay you instead of my doc. Ha-Ha!! Thank You, Robby, for being there!!

  27. RobbyBenson Says:

    Don’t worry about “self-pity” — we’re human — all of us — I’m ashamed to tell you how many “wake-up calls” I’ve needed from feeling sorry for myself. (sorry about the other email – it got into the wrong reply box. My mistake… )
    Sincerely and respectfully, robby

  28. Brenda Says:

    Well I feel much better about not being the only one who has had those kinds of moments. I try to always remember there are others worse off then myself…but you don’t always think about that at the time. Especially at night. My condition effects the way you sleep.& it is also the worse time for being in pain..but its also when I do my best work. Unfortunatly not everyone is up at 2-4am.

    Anyway, I Thank You again for your inspirational& kind words….that’s the amazing thing about words…they can hurt you so badly..and knock you down…but they can also give you inspiration to change your entire outlook…and that’s what your words did!!
    (Not sure what you meant by other reply box)
    Never Ending Thanks& Sincere Appreciation, Brenda

  29. RobbyBenson Says:

    I (First – then changed it) accidentally replied back to you based on another email — my bad. Thanks for your kind words and… I really “get it”.
    your friend, robby

  30. Brenda Says:

    Good Morning Robby, I just wanted to apologize again for taking up so much of your time, and I hope that I’m not taking away some one elses space to talk with you…if I am, please tell me!

    I just wanted to let you know I’m going to see my doctor today…(pray its a good visit), but I am taking Lyric’s cd with me& my kindle to tell them& the patients in the waiting room about your book. Is there something that I could print out about it so I could leave copies on their table?? I know this is not heart related doctor, but most pain patients also have heart related problems. My blood pressure goes sky high when I’m in pain…
    oops I did it again..rambling and taking up your time. Well you have a wondeful day! My Dear Friend!!
    Brenda (who hates going to the doctors)

  31. RobbyBenson Says:

    Dear Brenda,
    just the fact that you like it and it helps you is the greatest gift you could give to us. It’s the only reason the book was written.
    Good luck with your check-up!!
    Your friend, robby

  32. Brenda Says:

    Hi Robby, how was your weekend? What did you do??
    My doctor visit Thursday was not a good one…although they loved& played Lyric’s cd that I took and so I allowed them to keep it.
    But I ended up in the ER after they saw my blood pressure was 220/110. They read me “Most quiet& deadliest killes in health problem well they cldt get it to go down…so thats when. I Realized an ambalance was on its way for me. So I spent the entire night there. But I could have gone home sooner had my husband& son not gone to the Orioles vs Yankee game…
    But they changed my medication which can take up to 5days for it to kick in…so I’ve been in pure hell! All weekend as the pain is everywhere and non stop. Its like being in s horror film. So far that bad pain monster is winning….
    so what did you do??

  33. RobbyBenson Says:

    I’m sorry the pain moster is winning… I understand. Please: hang in – if there is anything you don’t understand, keep asking the doctor(s) until it is perfectly clear!!
    This weekend I ran another 5k. Terrible time, but I was out there celebrating life.
    I’ll be thinking about you and sending only good thoughts your way.
    Sincerely, robby

  34. Brenda Says:

    Hi Robby,
    Thanks for being so kind& compassionate even when some one comes off so emotional.I feel so embarased! I really do apologize! Pain can make even the sanest sound&look crazy….so please accept my deepest apology. Its been a very rough& trying time.
    I am so proud of you for even getting out there to run…so what your time was not as fast as you wanted. Just the fact that you got out amazing!! You are like me…we are our own worst enemies sometimes. But your time will get better. Next time you run a 5K , remember your running for all of us who can’t …you have all of our love& support with you….and run for yourself with no pressure of beating a time…if you do great! But if not…celebrate just being out there..wearing that number& being able to run when they tell you…just by doing that has made you winner!!
    When is your next marrathon??
    Anyway I do apologize for sounding crazy…my doctors changed medications&testing me for other things…but the new medications can take up to 10 days to feel any relief. So its been bad…but I want to Thank You for being the most compassionate person that I have never met..yet talking with you calms me…I know crazy?? You take care and continue what your doing…oh…are you going to direct Charlie Sheen’s show?? Its actually good. It reminds me of the “Bob Newheart Show”, do you remember that?
    Love&Positive Thoughts Are Always With You!! Your Friend, Brenda

  35. RobbyBenson Says:

    Never worry!! I “get it”.
    Sincerely, your friend, robby

  36. Brenda Says:

    Thanks for “Getting It”!! Sometimes knowing that is half the battle.
    It must be a rush when your running with all of those many things going through your mind? Finding your break out position., whats my time, gotta go faster….wish that person would move…..but the thrill& pride or aggravation when either breaking free or not…you must be just as mentally drained as you are physically when you finally come down.
    You should write a song about running& include the sounds that you hear while running…..
    Thanks For Everything!! Brenda

  37. RobbyBenson Says:

    Listen to the song “Run To You” at iTunes (Open Heart). You’ll get a kick out of it. r!

  38. Brenda Says:

    Well your right…I just listened to, “Run To You”, and yup, I did get a kick out it..its what I invisioned when I said you should write a song about running…I just love the sound…you are a great artist! I also have to say the song,”Day”, hit really hard with the night time is the worst time for me. As I know its hard for most who have health issues. Its when you can feel your most loneliest&most weakest times…but you captured so much of what I feel in that song…its really beautiful!! And your voice is simply amazing…

    This may sound silly…but have you ever considered appearing on, “Glee”?? I mean that would be a good show for showcase your singing…which most still do not know you can do( another way to get your story& book out there)..or… could write your own be a tv show or movie, about a Professor who teaches film& acting..and Karla could play a Music teacher….almost the combo of,” Fame&Glee”,…so many possibilities! As I said…it sounds silly..but it is 11pm…just the beginning of another long night…while looking forward to a brand new day!!
    Congrats on your book being recoginized on IBook…I don’t have an Ipad…so glad you did put it in other forms..otherwise I never could have gotten it. See Good Guys Can Win!
    Thanks for writting such beautiful music!! Oh…please tell Karla that my husband Joe,says, “Hi& that he had a huge crush on her…after seeing her sing w/Meatloaf”!!
    Hugs& Positive Thoughts! Brenda

  39. RobbyBenson Says:

    So glad you liked the song. Music means the world to me….
    Glee: not really for me, don’t think. But I like your ideas.
    Sincerely, r

  40. Brenda Says:

    Hi R!! Hope you had a great weekend!
    I wanted to say what a great surprise it was to see you&Karla on, “Dr.Drew”, tonight. I think it was the most informative interview you& Karla have given regarding your heart . I think you have helped so many by doing his show. And I agree with you 150%that one of the most important things we need to for ourselves& our family is to find the best advocates to help us. Its not an easy task…I am still trying to find mine…but most people don’t even think about that.

    Thanks Again for getting your story out there….you have no idea how important and how very needed your story is for so many people…of every kind of health conditions….your story also gives everyone back the hope that we some time give up on….and you know how easy loosing hope and faith can are just a huge gift of inspiration!! And I feel so blessed to have the honor to tell you that….
    Your Friend, Brenda

  41. Brenda Says:

    Oops forgot to say “Thanks” the laughs..too…..and for allowing the world to hear your heartbeat….but what amazed me and even puts most healthy people to shame is your daily workout….I don’t know how you do it…but you look great…and very happy…and that makes me happy…because as I said in my previous post…you are a gift of inspiration…there are no other words to describe what you are to so many of us who have& still are going through health issues.
    Thanks For Being My Inspiration!

  42. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thank you so very much. I truly want to help in any way possible.
    Sincerely, robby

  43. Patricia Vaughn Says:

    Hi Robby,

    Big Fan for many years… I jsut orfer yoour book on create space. Me and my sister used to argue over who’s boyfreind you were, mine or her’s LOL. I recently saw you on TV discussing your heart surgery. My company VaughnCastle Medical Mangement, is organizing a healthcare fair in 2013, in New Jersey, to bring awarness to the public in being pro active when concerning their health. We would love for you to come out and do a book signing, and discuss your experience in dealing with heart disease. I know your modest, and dont like being in the public eye. But this could be a good way to promote your book to a more broader audience,who may be going through the same thing. We decided to to this healthcare fair, after my business partner and vice president of our company was diagnosis with stage 4 bone cancer, which had spread from her breast cancer a few years ago. We’re a small business. Just two divorce single moms trying to get the healthcare information out there to the public, and bring about a change in being proactive. Please visit our visit our website at
    for more information. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I also sent this information to you via your contact us tab. Thanks Rob.
    Blessings to you always.

  44. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thank you for your kind words. I will go to your web site.
    I think it’s wonderful that you and your company are focusing on health care… well done!

  45. Patricia Vaughn Says:

    Hi Rob, Thanks for your quick response.. Please do check out our website. And consider coming on board for the healthcare fair.. We’ll fly you and your wife out for that day, along with hotel accomadations. I’ll undersatnd if you cannot make it, but I hope you’ll consider it. Or if you cannot attend, maybe send some books our way , and we’ll send the proceeeds back to you or send promo information.. Or maybe we can do a psa Video of you to play at the healthcare fair discussing heart disease? No pressues… I just think your message and information should be heard and shared.
    Blessing to you always…



  46. Anneliese Appleberry Says:

    Erica Martinez commenting above: How can you be sure you don’t receive all your letters?

  47. RobbyBenson Says:

    Dear Erica,
    how can we be sure of anything…? I’m just doing my best and respond to every email I get where I think I can be a positive influence… r

  48. Brenda Says:

    Hi Robby,
    I wanted to take this time to say, “Thank You”, for being there again for me by just being a humble& compassionate person. When I began writting to you I was really going through one of the worst times health wise. And so I apologize for sounding like a crazy person. But as you know…when your at your darkest moments health wise…you can often sound that way….but I could not have gone through any of it had it not been for your kindness…I truly do not know how to fully thank you!!
    Blessings,Many Thanks!!
    Your Friend, Brenda

  49. RobbyBenson Says:

    I understand – no problem! I really understand.
    Sincerely, robby

  50. Brenda Says:

    Happy New Year, Robby!!
    I wanted to say another ,”Thank You”,to you..because of your courage to be so open about your heart surgeries&how important heath advocates are..I don’t think I would have took matters into my own hands and saw a new doctor. Which I’m so glad I did.
    Prior to having the honor of reading your book&actually having a dream come true by being able to talk with you, I was just taking my doctors word &recommendations as to what course of treatment I should follow, eventhough I was not improving. .

    Because of your spoken words both in the book and on the tv shows you have been on&through your website, I knew I had to be my own advocate and seek I did..
    I was so very fortunate enough to not only find an amazing Orthopedic&Joint replacement specialist, but to get an appointment within days. I was given xrays , tests&listened to for the very first time. And what I found out is that I will be facing another 3 surgeries. .back, neck, and on 1/23, my first will be a total right hip replacement. While this is not the news I wanted to hear. .it does validate that every thing I have been experiencing was real..and not in my head as I was made to feel.
    And so it is because of you..that I am feeling hope again. .something I had lost.

    Robby, I know you have been through so very much..but I think had you not, I as well as so many others, would not have the knowledge nor inspiration to say to themselves. .something else needs to be done..
    So from the bottom of my heart♥..I say to YOU , “Thank You” a million times over..
    I deeply apologize for the long post..but its so hard for me to truly express my gratitude for you!!
    May You&Your Family have a blessed new year..and Thank You for being so open and being there for your are always in my thoughts&prayers..
    Forever Your Fan&Friend! !

  51. RobbyBenson Says:

    Dear Brenda,
    Thank you for your beautiful post.
    You thank me…. I would like to thank you.
    You are my inspiration, too….
    Your friend, robby

  52. Brenda Says:

    Words can not express how that makes me feel, to inspire someone, especially someone whom I have admired since the age of..well?? Hmmm…Maybe I shouldn’t say..because it makes me feel so very very!!
    But I do Thank You!! More than you will ever know!!
    Blessings&Gratitude! !
    Your Friend, Brenda

  53. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thank you so much.
    Sincerely, robby

  54. Brenda Says:

    ★Happy Birthday, Robby!!★
    (Just imagine a cake[***]&music, Ha-hem..clearing throat)1, 2, 123:
    “Happy Birthday To You!
    Happy Birthday To You!!
    Happy Birthday, Dear Robby!!!
    Happy Birthday To You!!!!
    May your special day be filled with endless laughter, love &surprises!!
    @}–}Happy Birthday, Robby {–{@
    Your Friend,

  55. RobbyBenson Says:

    Dear Brenda,
    thank you!! r

  56. Brenda Says:

    Hi Robby,
    You’re so very welcome. I hope that you had an amazing Birthday! !
    I’m getting ready to go to the hospital at 9am. I was ok back before Christmas as it really hadn’t sunken in yet..but as I’m packing my bag..reality has just smacked me in the face..that today at noon, im having a hip replacement. .
    So needles to say..I’m taking my “Comfort” Items of. Your book&music..Music helps get me through anything. ..
    So ,”Thank You”,for giving me the gift of ,”Home&Hope&Inspiration”, through your words&music! !
    Sincere. Gratitude&Love,

  57. RobbyBenson Says:

    Dear Brenda,
    you have all of our love — please let us know how it goes.
    Your friend, robby

  58. Brenda Says:

    Hi Robby,
    It’s your ,”rambling”friend…Brenda. ….
    I wanted to let you know that my hip replacement went well…and I can’t believe its actually been 6weeks….I’m still in the recovery stage. But I’m no longer using a walker (which really makes you feel I’m now using a cane..
    But every time I begin to get frustrated,as I know you have also felt this way..because we always expect to be further along then our bodies will let just think about you&how much you have been through and now your running marathons. .so again. .my friend, you continue to motivate&inspire me…and for that I’m so grateful.

    I hope things have been going good for you&your family..I know you can’t wait for spring to get here ,so you run in the 5ks…I look forward to hearing about them..

    Thank So Very Much…for touching my life…and allowing fans, like me to talk to’s been a true honor&privilege…and I will be forever grateful! !
    Your Friend,

  59. RobbyBenson Says:

    Fantastic! And blessings to you, too!!!
    Sincerely, robby

  60. Carol Says:

    I remember you sang a song on The Johnny Carson Show about divorce and children.
    What was the name and is it recorded somewhere?

  61. RobbyBenson Says:

    It was called: Daddy-o.
    My father and I wrote it!
    As of now it’s not available anywhere but I’m thinking of recording it and some others and putting them on CDBabby and iTunes.
    Thank you Carol.

  62. Kathy Says:

    Hi Robby! I just ordered, “One on One “, so excited to watch after all these years. Glad to know you are still working. Id love to see you on the in front of the camera, you have such great stage presence. You look just as handsome too. :)

  63. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thank you…… r

  64. Brenda Antlitz Says:

    Hi Robby,
    How are you? How is everything going? Have you ran in any marathons lately??

    It’s been a while since I last wrote.But I thought of you while I was in the hospital back in May.
    In April , what I thought was a virus that wouldn’t go away And just thought I stick It out..until It got to the point where I couldn’t eat or even drink water& I had no choice but to go to the er , where I was quickly diagnosed as being type 1 diabetic. And was then admitted to the ICU. The doctor told me that had I not come in that day, that I would have either gone into a diabetic coma or worse..because my levels were 601.

    While I was there, They also performed a heart catheter. .and I’m thinking…I bet Robby went through this test..and as I waiting to be taken into the or room..I just remembered your book and your well as your sense of humor which got me through that test.
    The good news heart is fine..although I got some unusual news that seemed to excite my cardiologist. .he came out saying everything looked good..I said, Thank You for everything..he then said..No it is I, who should be thanking you!!& That he would never have imagined he would ever live to see someone like me..I am thinking…what is he talking about..and I asked why??
    He said you are 1 in hundred trillion who is born with their heart attached to their lungs by veins. And that he has dreamt of being able to see this in would have thought he was a kid in a candy store. .I asked ok…so what does this mean? He said that while every thing looks good , I will need to be monitored..I think it’s so he can observe my rarity.
    So now I’m on insulin 4 times a day..never imagined that..
    Anyway. .I wanted to let you know that once again. .your book got me through another scarey time in my life. I’m so glad you wrote it…I only hope I won’t need it for a while! !
    Just keep doing what your doing..because you are not just an inspiration to me&others. .but a true blessing! ! I only hope one day to have the honor&privilege to tell you in person.
    Again..I apologize for taking up your time..but I had to tell you this.
    As Always, Your (friend) Brenda

  65. Brenda Antlitz Says:

    Hello Robby, How are you? I’ve been checking your website out, but haven’t seen anything new..So How is everything going? Have you ran in any marathons lately??It’s been a while since I last wrote.But I thought of you while I was in the hospital back in May.In April , what I thought was a virus that wouldn’t go away And just thought I stick It out..until It got to the point where I couldn’t eat or even drink water& I had no choice but to go to the er , where I was quickly diagnosed as being type 1 diabetic. And was then admitted to the ICU. The doctor told me that had I not come in that day, that I would have either gone into a diabetic coma or worse..because my levels were 601.While I was there, They also performed a heart catheter. .and I’m thinking…I bet Robby went through this test..and as I waiting to be taken into the or room..I just remembered your book and your well as your sense of humor which got me through that test.The good news heart is fine..although I got some unusual news that seemed to excite my cardiologist. .he came out saying everything looked good..I said, Thank You for everything..he then said..No it is I, who should be thanking you!!& That he would never have imagined he would ever live to see someone like me..I am thinking…what is he talking about..and I asked why??He said you are 1 in hundred trillion who is born with their heart attached to their lungs by veins. And that he has dreamt of being able to see this in would have thought he was a kid in a candy store. .I asked ok…so what does this mean? He said that while every thing looks good , I will need to be monitored..I think it’s so he can observe my rarity.So now I’m on insulin 4 times a day..never imagined that..Anyway. .I wanted to let you know that once again. .your book got me through another scarey time in my life. I’m so glad you wrote it…I only hope I won’t need it for a while! !Just keep doing what your doing..because you are not just an inspiration to me&others. .but a true blessing! ! I only hope one day to have the honor&privilege to tell you in person.Again..I apologize for taking up your time..but I had to tell you this.As Always, Your (friend) Brenda

  66. Susan Johnson Says:

    Hi Robby!
    I’m a big fan of yours and especially love your music. You have such a beautifully expressive voice. Have you ever thought of doing a music CD of some of your songs (besides Open Heart). I loved your book about your heart surgeries, the way you have lived your life in spite of your health problems is such an inspiration to me! I have dystonia in all the muscles of both hands and arms, fibromyalgia, and a herniated disc in my back, so I know what it’s like to be in pain 24/7 and how being in pain all the time can affect your outlook on life. I love how your heart problems never stopped you from being active and trying new things. It’s especially inspiring to me as I am the same age as you And one more thing, have you ever thought of writing the story of your happy marriage? I love reading the love stories of people who have been married a long time. You and Karla seem to love each other so much, I’m sure lots of folks would love to hear stories of you and Karla and your journey through life together! Just a thought… Thanks for reading my letter, and I wish you and your family all the best!

  67. Diane Says:

    I just watch some clips from ode to Billy Joe I was 15 years old when that movie was out. I am 53 now. I saw ode to Billy Joe 16 times. I can remember I cried every time I watched it. I was so in love with you as a teenager. I watch every movie that was on TV that you was in. I had photos of you from teen beat magazine hanging on my wall as a teenager. I was wondering what ever happened to you glad to know your behide the scene now and your doing great.

  68. Brenda Antlitz Says:

    Hi Robby,
    I know your busy with school..but I wanted to wish you&Karla a Very Happy New Year!!
    Thank You ,for being there last year…it meant so much to me!!
    I was looking at some of your YouTube films, and I saw the one where your playing pool, and every one keeps saying, hey, isn’t that guy over there Robby Benson?The one girl says, yea, he was my college professor, and then all these,people keep bringing up roles of yours&what happened to you, Even Karla shows up….and you play yourself …very funny!! I love your sense of humor!!


  69. Brenda Antlitz Says:

    Happy Birthday,Robby!
    I have never forgotten your birthday…from a teen on up..
    I hope you have a wonderful day!!
    May it be as amazing as you are.

    Blessings To You, On Your Very Special Day!
    Love, Happiness,Joy!
    Your Fan& Friend For Life

  70. Patricia Langhurst Says:

    Dear Robby, I just watched Ice Castles, and was reminded of how much I was in love with you when I was young even though I was older than you. Found this web site, and was delighted to know your association with Ellen and Friends. I loved that show. You are still so very handsome, and its good to know of all your accomplishments, but I’m sorry about your heart problems. Would love it if I could download a photo of you today with short hair but was not able to from your web site. Thanks for being who you are, will always keep the fantasy of you and me in my heart.

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