“Robby Benson from the Heart” LA Times 7/20/12

Writer Michael Ordona’s terrific piece on Robby and his new multimedia medical memoir I’m Not Dead… Yet!  in the Calendar Book section of the LA Times — click link below to read entire article:



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31 Responses to ““Robby Benson from the Heart” LA Times 7/20/12”

  1. Jerry Segal Says:

    A revealing article about a reflective, deep and honorable young man. Kudos for Robby!

  2. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thank you. (I love you…)

  3. Mary Pat Gleason Says:

    Robby, i am so excited to read your book. Jerry Segal refers to you as deep and honorable spot on . My love to you and your Family.

  4. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thank you so much. Xxoo, robby

  5. Sandra McCall Says:

    I have just finished I’m not dead yet, enjoyed it immensely and loved the interactive format.

  6. Sandra McCall Says:

    I have just finished I’m not dead yet, enjoyed it immensely and loved the interactive format. One of the best reads of the year.

  7. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thank you. r

  8. Allie Says:

    Hey, I was wondering if you are going to be doing a book tour with this book so that people can hear you read from it more than you have posted here? Just curious. It’s an excellent book! BTW, are you going to write another novel like Who Stole the Funny?

  9. RobbyBenson Says:

    Because the book was created for tablets (especially the iPad so it can be a multimedia, multitouch experience) we are now getting to the point where in 10 days or so, it will be at Amazon (kindle and kindle fire already) as a PRINT ON DEMAND book. Once we have it as a physical book, we will be doing small readings. Don’t know where yet, but we are excited about that.
    Thank you for your kind words…. robby

  10. allie Says:

    Coo beans! Hopefully you’ll travel to Chicago. 🙂

  11. RobbyBenson Says:

    That would be wonderful……r

  12. Michael Basham Says:

    Robby, I haven’t read your book yet but I am a single open heart surgery winner! I wish you all the best and here’s to reading about your journey. I am excited, bring on the book. Best Wishes and prayers for your endurance and success!!

  13. RobbyBenson Says:

    Congratulations!!! My thoughts are with you!!
    Sincerely, robby

  14. Cheri Markee Says:

    Thank you for sharing a part of your life. FYI-My heart skips a beat everytime I watch a Robby Benson movie! Take Care!
    Love ya,

  15. Nancy Yerinides Says:

    Thank you Robby for taking the time to take a picture with me in Sept 1977 at The king and I in Westport ,Ct.You were not feeling well and you still stopped to take the picture. I know I still have it somewhere. I just bought your book and want to support you.

  16. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thank you…. You take care, too.
    Sincerely, robby

  17. RobbyBenson Says:

    I really apreciate that. Thank you. I thnk you’ll enjoy the book, too.
    Sincerely, robby

  18. Janet Hockey Says:

    I can’t wait to get a hold of your recent book since it tells what happens about your life and surviving your medical history. If you do go on your book tours I hope you can make it to Des Moines, Iowa. You are a great guy and I enjoyed growing up with your movies in theaters and television. I think you make a good advocate for heart conditions. Keep up the good work.

  19. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thank you so much.
    Sincerely, robby

  20. Nancy Yerinides Says:

    Hi Robby, I just finished reading your book and I thoroughly enjoyed it ! I had to read Death be not Proud in 8th grade and then I watched the movie. I fell in love with you and would come home from school and search the T.V. guide for any appearances you would have that week especially on Merv Griffin. I saw One on One over and over in Westport, Ct and then walked up to the playhouse and saw you in The King and I. I knew you were someone special way back then and the book confirmed it. Great catch Karla! A match made in Heaven. My husband chuckled all week as I said “Robby this and Robby that… Robby just had his 3rd surgery and he can Breathe!” This book shows us how important it is for us to be educated about our health care. Please make sure you are getting your coumadin from a reliable company! I look forward to keeping up to date with you and your family’s work . Love, Nancy

  21. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thank you so very much. You’re so kind and I appreciate what you have to say… Thank you.
    Sincerely, robby

  22. Lori Griffis Says:

    i often wondered what happened to you and now i found out. the best to you and carla. my husband also had heart surgery at kaiser in hollywood, ca. he suffered from the aftercare. he caught infections and all they thought of was get rid of him and he was shipped place to place for six months with me in motels to watch after him before he was well enough to come home. the best to you, sincerely,lori

  23. RobbyBenson Says:

    You must be a wonderful friend and wife.
    Thank you for sharing – I hope this is a place where we all can learn from one another. There is always so much more to learn. At least, that’s how I look at it all… So, Thank you.
    Sincerely, robby

  24. Nancy Yerinides Says:

    Hi Robby. After reading your book I am taking a stroll down memory lane and watching a few of the movies I happened to miss. I started with Two of a kind and Jeremy. I enjoyed both ! I also got out my old photo album from the 70″s and was happy to see that I still had pictures of you, outside the Westport playhouse , signing autographs! I still have the picture that you stopped to take with me(and my pushy friend who butted her way into the picture …Lol). Thanks for sharing all your talent !
    P.S. Last week my friend”s dad ,while sitting having a drink at a wedding, passed out and had no pulse. His friend, a doctor, gave him CPR and brought him back after 4 min. He is fine except for broken ribs. They checked his heart and said it was not a heart attack. I hope they can get to the bottom of why this happened.

  25. RobbyBenson Says:

    Dear Nancy,
    thank you for your kind comments. As for your friend’s dad, if you are ever unsure and want a remarkable place where he can check out his heart and get to the bottom of that frightening experience, The Cleveland Clinic is a great place to go. I’ve found they can Perform miracles and have certainly done so with me…
    Sincerely and thank you, robby

  26. Nancy Yerinides Says:

    Thanks Robby. My friend’s dad is o.k. right now. They found a blockage and had to put a stint in. I hope and pray you and your family are safe after this terrible hurricane.

  27. RobbyBenson Says:

    I’m so happy your friend’s dad is okay…
    We’re getting through the aftermath of the hurricane but were not hit as badly as most. My thoughts and love go out to them…r

  28. TJEdwards Says:

    Having read Robby’s new book via Kindle app on my iPod, I was happy to read it again in print and get even more out of it. I still pick it up and read parts again and again. I’ve been in love with Karla for many years and developed great respect for Robby. I now love them both. (I also like Mary Pat Gleason!) Yes you should all go buy this book in whatever form you can use and also the companion CD with some fun music from this talented family. The book really has, much like its author, something to appeal to everyone.

    Meanwhile, Netflix customers can call and request that One On One and Modern Love be offered as streaming options. Netflix has told me this is how they decide to stream many of their titles. Sony did a new HD transfer of Modern Love that ran on their HD Movie Channel last year, and they are getting into the MOD (Manufactured On Demand) market too, so maybe we’ll see Modern Love on DVD or BluRay someday.

    Keep checking in at, where we will be posting some great momentos of Karla’s career and boundless talent, (as soon and as much as I can nag her into sharing). Until we get her site fully functional, you can still go to Karla’s YouTube page and remind her how many fans she has.

    Looking forward to Robby’s next creative projects (How about another book about your amazing family? Or an original Christmas TV movie? I’d love to see a movie of Who Stole The Funny, even a standup act…) as long as he takes really good care of himself! This Thanksgiving, I’m grateful for the DeVito/Benson family.

  29. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thank you. What a wonderful and kind email. I truly thank you for that…
    Sincerely, robby

  30. Angie Hill Says:

    I look forward to reading your book. I found out two years ago that I have a bicuspid aortic valve. I love how you put your photography in the book since I’m also a photographer myself. 🙂 Definitely puts a whole other perspective on telling your story.

    Angie Hill
    Twice the Heart Foundation

  31. RobbyBenson Says:

    Thank you for your kind words.
    Sincerely, robby

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