Robby’s daughter, Lyric Benson’s debut album LYRIC’S LOVE LIGHT REVOLUTION has arrived!

The musical collaboration of Lyric and Robby Benson, LYRIC’S LOVE LIGHT REVOLUTION brings the poetry of cosmic consciousness to Earth with the power of modern rock — flaming guitar, eco-psychedelic hip-pop, atmospheric electronica, and a fat bottom. Play it loud, bring your air guitar, and plan on singing along. Dance if you want to.


LYRIC’S LOVE LIGHT REVOLUTION is ten songs performed by Lyric, composed, arranged, and produced by Robby based on her poetry. In an era when the work of so many artists is hacked into mp3 song-bites, Lyric and Robby take us on a journey exquisitely orchestrated to tell the story of her celestial awakening. From track to track, Lyric’s vocal performances evolve from gentle poems (‘In the Valley of My Soul’) to raps and rants (‘How My Body Trembles’), and resolve in harmony (‘Life is a Revolution’). The music moves with her as Robby articulates the power of her words in guitar solos and electronica, timpani and doumbek, rock ‘n roll, samples, and psychedelia.

This album is Lyric’s cosmic journey inward. The layers of sound will draw you into Lyric’s vortex and spin you across the dance floor. A girl of the hip-hop generation, Lyric raps soliloquies between verses of pop melodies, alternating hypnotic repetition in ‘Lord Shiva’s Tree’ with lightness of being in ‘Mother Lady’, and good old fashioned fist thumping in ‘Let’s Live Life in Peace’. From her self knowing bravado in ‘I Am That’ to going off the deep end in ‘I’m Never Gonna Let You Go’, Robby’s guitar follows her trailing into sonic insanity. But it’s not all that deep. ‘My Heart is the Sun’ is a simple pop song that soars to intergalactic heights.

Lyric Benson’s vocal dynamics and the span of the music across all five genomes — pop/rock, hip-hop/electronica, jazz, world music, and classical — can be traced back to her gene pool. Her mom, legendary singer, Karla DeVito had two solo albums, headlined MTV’s first New Year’s Eve concert, toured the world with Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf as the female lead in the original Bat Out of Hell, and met film star Robby Benson in Joe Papp’s Broadway production of Pirates of Penzance. The voice of Beast in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast has an extensive musical background. Robby Benson joined the NY Musicians Union 802 at the age of 14 as a studio player, he has scored films, and is the recipient of several RIAA Gold Records for songwriting, most notably ‘We Are Not Alone’ for John Hughes’ seminal film, The Breakfast Club. Though it may be in her DNA to be a performer, Lyric Benson delivers her own authentic talent, energy, and insight to this breakthrough sonic extravaganza.

For Robby, this project was a chance to collaborate with one of his favorite people and strut his formidable musicianship helping create the album she dreamed of making. LYRIC’S LOVE LIGHT REVOLUTION was performed and produced entirely in his home studio.


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  1. Ginger Says:

    Congratulations to Lyric and Robby, it sounds like a beautiful and fascinating collaboration. I look forward to hearing it! 😀

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